Battery Saving Tips for Laptop Users

Written by Albert Headley

All the laptop users are always aware about the battery life. It has a limited life like other batteries. For consuming high power and charging continuously, the longevity of a laptop battery become shorter. But you can save and prolong your laptop battery lifespan by doing some useful practice while computing. Here in this article, I’m going to tell you about some of those effective practices. Let’s take a quick look on it.

Unplug External Device

People use to plug their external device like pen drive, portable hard disk, memory cards and flash drive while working on laptop even when they don’t need it. This is not a proper way to use those device. Check your habit to save your laptop battery power. The auto generated programs keep those devices running while you are working on other software. This can be checked and you can see the result soon on your battery performance.

Power Off While Not Using

Instead of turning off the display, power-off your laptop or active sleeping mode while you are not working. More you keep your laptop on; it’ll affect your battery lifespan. Make a good habit of shutting down your laptop while you are not working. Activating sleeping mode is also a good option for reducing battery consumption.

Power Saver Button

Every laptop has a power saver button in it. Try to activate this facility to save your battery life. There is a concept of green pc related to this kind of service. You can call them to make your laptop green, which means it’ll consume less quantity of power in a day of work.

Wireless and Bluetooth

Before you leave from a folder, check twice if the wireless Bluetooth button is on or not. If you keep these options on, then it’ll force the system to consume more power and create extra load on your battery. It’s better to disable these kinds of features if possible.

You can do many other things like lowering the brightness, keeping the volume low while watching video or listening songs. Mainly these are the key factor to save your battery life. If you want to use your battery for long, keep these points in your wits while using a laptop.

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