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How Can You Get Rid of SPAM

Written by Albert Headley

Spam is a common name among the IT Industry. You must have experienced huge amounts of spam mails in your inbox. Do you want to get rid of this problem? Before discussing the solutions, you must know what this Spam is. It is nothing but a set of junk mails that any sender sends to their recipients without any kind of permission.

It also blocks some of the site users. It is known as unsolicited bulk e-mail. It comes in bulk and it shows the undisclosed recipients. Spam can quickly fill your email account, if you don’t clear it regularly.

To deal with spam, all mail servers have developed different ways. G-mail has created a separate folder for spam so that the users can get rid of it faster. Deleting spam is very easy. Now it is important to know how it comes to our computer and how can we stop them.

Spammer collects e-mail cartoons, websites, customer lists, and viruses that captured the address book of the client profile. Sometimes the spammer gets user account information also along with the email ids.

  • You can try the following easy steps to avoid spamming and to secure your personal data,Do not post your e-mail in a practical way. Try to put it in a different way. Example: instead of writing love@rocks.com, write love[At]rocks.com.
  • You can also sign up for a new e-mail when you need to send your e-mail information.
  • Please do not share your private information other than your close friends. It could be dangerous.
  • Choose a long e-mail id which has more than 8 characters.
  • If you have small business to run to your place where you could receive many mails every day, in this case, you can also use Web filtering for that. You can contact technical support line for assistance in this regard.

All the above mentioned points will help users to get rid of spam. There is no guarantee that you can stop all spamming. But these are certainly some of the ways that can reduce the number of Spam.


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