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Worried about Computer Freezing? Get to Know What to Do!!

Written by Albert Headley

Are you suffering with frequent freezing or halting problem of your PC? Want to fix this problem? First, you have to ensure that the problem is really there. Press the Num Lock key and if the light turns on and off when Microsoft Windows runs, press Ctrl + Alt + Del and End Task. You will easily find whether your PC is frozen. It’s better to keep a handy user manual guide book always with you.

Try To Fix On Your Own

After the task manager appear Click on the processes tab. Locate that item which is occupying most of the CPU space and end the task. Does this help you? If the option of ending the task is not available, switch off your computer and then restart it. You should keep one thing in mind that turning off the computer by pressing the power button is your last option. This may result in loss of all your unsaved data and can effect badly on your hard drive if you make a regular habit of it.

PC Shutdown

If the problem still remains, turn off your PC once again and just wait for 10 more minutes. Give your computer the time for resting and fixing automatically. After that start your system and close all the applications not required to be run. Do you know that, computer often freeze up when many software run simultaneously? You can run two or three software at a time but if you are trying to run six or more then it can be a cause of computer hang-up.


Does your computer freezes after opening a particular website? Then don’t open that website. Try a different web browser and this problem will be solved. You can also run an antivirus or spy ware check. Install the antivirus software and keep on updating it.

Apart from these you can talk to the experts for help if needed. Keep those valuable points in mind and avoid the chances of computer freezing and save your data.

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