Printer Problem: Only Prints Half a Page

Written by Albert Headley

This is the most common and annoying problems that you might experience with your printer. It is so irritating to get defective print-outs in hand while working. Not only this, there are many kind of problem people faced with printer like dark printout, fade printout, torn page, overlapping letters and many more like this. The print-out may just be absent after half of the page or else it might print out the other half on the next page. There could be a reason to the problem. Both hardware and software could be the cause of this kind of problem. Here in this article, I’m going to write about some of those problems you can have in your work place with a printer.

Hardware Based

  • Problem with the cartridge alignment
  • Trouble with the printer firmware

Software Based

  • The printer driver is corrupted in the computer.
  • There is a driver-clash with some pre-installed printer-driver.

The communication between the printer and the computer—either USB or network has a problem.

Although it might sound a bit odd but it has been observed that especially for XP operated machines a specific corruption in the Operating System does cause this problem.

Virus Infection

If you use parallel printer with a parallel device, then you can temporarily switch them to check the software problem. If it works fine then the harm is in your computer software, not in your printer.

Lifespan of a printer is generally five to eight years, but if you can maintain properly then you can use it for about 15 years. Regular dust cleaning, checking the cartridge and printer head is the healthy practice to prolong a printer’s life.

So friends, check these valuable hardware and software problems before calling a tech guy to repair your printer. The main issue is to identify the real problem of a printer. If you can know the difficulty, you can resolve it quickly without any help from a technician and it’s not very tough thing to handle with. You can search in the internet and follow the steps to repair your printer.

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