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Tips to Have Fast Computing Experience

Written by Albert Headley

There is nothing frustrating like a slow computer. We all love to work with a high speed PC to concentrate properly in our work. When it’s new, it’ll working fine but after a couple of years it creates problem with speed. Here are some instructions that we should follow to keep our processor fast. Let’s check out this matter.

Virus Detector

When we download something from the internet, there is a huge chance to have downloading a virus through this. That is why you have to check on malware and spyware for safety. Because, any kind of virus will disturb your computer and motherboard program to perform smoothly. This is one of the main reasons for PC slow down.

Disk Space

You have to maintain a ration of saved data with your hard drive. If you have 256 GB hard drive and your computer have already 200 GB of data like video, games, song and other, then your computer can’t perform perfectly because of lack of space. Those data will make your RAM slow to work properly. Always try to maintain 50% usage of your hard drive in a distributional way.

Clear Cookies

You have to remove your unwanted files and cookies at least once in a week to have a healthy computing speed. These kinds of files can confuse your motherboard to perform and as a result, computer speed will drop down. It is suggested to make a habit to clear cookies at the end of your work.

Registry Repair

Windows registry error is one of the vital reasons of slow computer. We all download software from internet but many unwanted files come with those software. We have to remove those file by using registry cleaning program to boost up the speed of our pc.

If you have a slow computer problem and planning to call a technician to resolve your difficulties, it is my suggestion to follow those steps and try it on your own. If you can maintain this habit, then you can stay free from slow computing problem even with your five year old pc.

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