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Windows 7 Logging off & Shutting down Problem

Written by Albert Headley

We all love to use the latest operating system for a smooth and upgraded computing experience. Windows 7 is one of the most popular products of Microsoft which can help you to enjoy even your office work. But, there is some problem with this operating system which can ruin your unsaved data and valuable documents. Let’s discuss about this problem to get rid of it.

Windows 7 has the tendency of entering into sleeping mode once the system is left idle for 10 minutes. This problem mostly happens while downloading some files from the Internet. How can this problem be solved? You can make changes to the power configuration setup by visiting the Control Panel. However, to make your task easier, here is a good solution.

Use the Don’t Sleep Tool

This freeware tool will help you to prevent your PC from sleeping, powering down, shutting down, logging off or hibernating.

Download this portable program from the internet and start using it straight away! You can use it by extracting the executable file from the ZIP archive you have downloaded and double clicking on the DontSleep.exe for running it.

When this portable program is running on your PC, it will automatically prevent the Windows from logging off, running the screensaver or shutting down. Don’t want to download the Don’t Sleep to work? Select the Disable button and it will stop working. The radio buttons – Enabled and Disabled – gives you quick access to the wonderful tool.

If you want to use the Don’t Sleep regularly, Make the settings to auto start it with the Windows. For this you have to click the Options and select Start Don’t Sleep with Windows. Each time you start your PC, Don’t Sleep will be activated.

Try these steps to have a hassle free computing experience. You can take help from an expert but if you can do it by yourself then you don’t have to wait for a tech guy to resolve your issues.

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