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Mgcool Explorer Pro 4K Camera Review

Written by Albert Headley

GoPro has now become one of the favorite among the adventure seekers. But its high price is always a deterrent in the path of possession. That’s why people are always looking for second hand options for GoPro. But Mgcool Explorer Pro 4k is one such camera which is a cheap and easy substitution for GoPro. We thought of buying the product and giving you hint of its advantages and disadvantages.


The design of the camera is quite stylish as it comes with a rubber material and with a matt finish which gives it a top look.

The up and down buttons are on the right side while USB and Micro SD card slot is on the left.

The power and mode button is right next to the lens on the front. The shutter button is at the top while the charging and the battery slot is at the bottom.

With all the high resolution like 2 inch TFT display, 170 degree angle lens, 20 MP camera lens this is a must buy for all the tech geeks. The device also has 6G shark eye feature which will help you to avoid deformation.

It is also waterproof which makes it even better for underwater pictures. It has 1050 mAh battery and wi-fi support with which you can see all your photos almost immediately on your phone through Mgcool Explorer app.


The daylight pictures are awesome but if you are shooting in a dark place then you will be disappointed to see yourself in those pictures.

When you will zoom into the image, it will break and become blurry due to lack of high quality image sensor.

Also the sounds in the 4K videos are not at all satisfactory. You will heard disturbances and are too noisy.

The recording sounds are good due to presence of enough speakers and mic.

The battery will last for an entire day even with medium to heavy usage of the camera. Connecting the app with the camera is also an easy task.

Final Review

Though Mgcool Explorer Pro 4k camera comes with all the features that an action camera should have but it fails to deliver what it has promised. The device has failed to make an impression on the users. With the price range of $54.99 there are other products of the big brands which will deliver much better products than this one. As an user I have given it 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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