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Proven Ways to Boost-up Your PC Speed

Written by Albert Headley

Slow PC is a very common problem among the workers. It’s very irritating to work on a slow computer. It’ll affect badly on your work quality, production time and your confidence. There are some easy steps here, by which you can easily resolve your slow computing issues and keep your pc in top running condition in a shorter time. Here in this article, I’m going to advice you about some easy steps to make your pc faster.

Simple Basic Steps:

Disk Clean Up

It is a pc maintenance utility program (cleanmgr.exe) by Microsoft Windows to free your disk space on your computer hard drive. This program will analyze your hard drive and search-out the unnecessary and old file which is not in use and remove those files to make space for the new updates.

Uninstall Unnecessary Programs

Click on the start button and navigate to the Programs and Features from the Control Panel option. Take your time to verify all the software and uninstall the unused and unnecessary programs from your pc to boost up the speed.

Defragment Your Hard Drive

This step will not directly help you to fasten your pc speed but, defragmenting your drive will make it work better. It’ll help the hard drive to rearrange the files layout to make it work faster.

Run Registry Cleaner

Windows registry is the place where all the information related to your computer is saved. If you use your computer for office work then you have to run it at least five hours in a day. All the information about your browsing , surfing, work, chat, videos, music and many more will saved in registry. That is why you have to clean it at least once in three months.

There are also other ways to make your PC fast. You can upgrade your RAM, apply new updated version on antivirus and reformat your computer to avoid such slow speed issues.

You can do these steps on your own and enjoy a fast and hassle free computing experience. These are the basic things of a computer system. You can call an expert if it is still not working well. There are other reasons also like motherboard issue, processor problem, switch problem and many more which can create problems while you are working on a computer. But generally if you follow those steps and maintain it, you can boost-up your pc speed at home.

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