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Tips to Boost Mobile Application Security

Written by Albert Headley

Mobile Application world has been increasing day by day. Frequent growth in the mobile application development platforms has been helping in this rapid process. With simpler plug-in and platforms almost any amateur can develop his/her app for the world.  But while doing so, you have to keep in mind that one of the key features is the safety of the application. Before releasing it into the real planet, you have to make sure that it’s safe for practical use, especially if it deals with the IDs and passwords of the customers. Here I am going to suggest you with some tips which will increase your app security.

Encryption Usage

Use of encryption is the best way to secure the application. 256 bit encryption will secure the data emitted from the user’s device and will make the life of a hacker difficult if they intend to steal any data.

Thorough Testing

It is important to follow all the steps of testing like regression, automated and exploratory testing which will cover all the bases. Its always better to do testing while making the app rather than after finishing it, as it will take more time in the end and will be more difficult to identify the problem.

Use of Trustworthy Certificates

Your mobile app should be compatible with all the OS available in the market. Certificates from the device will assist your app to integrate its code with the hardware.

Regular Updates

Check out for the bugs which is slowing your app or making it hard to use. Announce monthly updates for the user so that all the problems can be fixed at a time instead of asking for day to day up-gradation.

Remote Data Wipe Aspect

By including a remote data wipe characteristics in your app, you can help your user while their phone has been stolen. They can remotely wipe out all his important data from his phone while sitting somewhere else.


By making prototype application, you will create restore segments for your app. In case of major failure or breakdown, you can always resume your work from the last successful prototype.

So I think these points should be kept in mind while making your valuable app to enhance their safety and accessibility of the user.

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