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Ways to Clean Your Windows PC or Laptop

Written by Albert Headley

Are you feeling that your PC is running slow? Is the Internet taking too much time to upload a webpage? The folders or other softwares are opening after a prolonged time? It can happen to any PC or Laptop: a new one or an old one. The fault is not in the PC. Sometimes lot of junk files or other unnecessary items may cause the delay. May be it’s the best time to clean up your computer.

Many PC or Laptop optimization softwares are available in the market but most of them are paid ones. But don’t worry. In this write up I am going to help you with the clean up that too at free of cost! You don’t need any great technical knowledge to do this. Just follow the below steps and your machine is good as new.

Removal of Unwanted Programs

Uninstall any unnecessary programs which you are not using for a long time. This will definitely free up some space of your hard disk. You can do this by going to control panel>programs>Features and then from the list choose the program you want to remove.

Cleaning up of Disk

Disk cleanup utility tool always come in handy to remove junk and cached items or temporary files from your computer. You can do this by going to accessories>system Tools>Disk Cleanup Utility.

Sorting of Start up Items

You can sort your unwanted items to run at the start up because this can also slow down your PC. Just type Windows+R>run box>type MSCONFIG>start up tab.

Optimization of Hard Disk

This is one of the most important function in case of machine speed up. Just go to start>Accessories>system tools>Disk Defragmenter Utility. This function may take sometime to locate all your files and place them somewhere else and optimize your hard disk.

Regular Windows Update Check

Always put your machine on an automatic mode for windows update weekly. This will protect your device from unwanted spywares or viruses to enter.

Scanning of Antivirus

A Good Antivirus is a must have for a smooth running of your machine. Nowadays most of the antivirus also comes with a PC optimizer which will clean up your disk regularly. Scan your PC or Laptop at least once in a week to avoid free entrance of any virus there.

Apart from these you can also upgrade the configuration of your computer by increasing the RAM which can also slow down the machine performance. So what are waiting for? Finish reading this article and go clean your PC/Laptop!!!

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