Tips To Choose a Perfect Printer for Design Business

Written by Albert Headley

Do you need regular presentation of your designs to your clients in your designing business? For this you need to show every detail and correct color of your designs in a single page and for that you will definitely need a good quality color printer. Inkjet printer is the most ideal kind for this purpose. This type of printer produces high quality detail images and clear pictures. I am going to help you to choose the faultless printer to print your imagination on a paper.

First of all, the printer should have individual cartridges or tanks for different color to avoid the mixing and a messy situation. Some cartridges contain more than one color which results in clogging and bleeding. Time and money will both be wasted, if you don’t look for this option.

Secondly, you should always calculate the money spent on each printout of your artwork. Ink is the most expensive thing in the detail art images. So always go for those printers which come with economic ink cartridges. With the help of this you can print more pages with less cost.

Thirdly, there are two types of inks to go for, in case of design based printers. They are pigmented inks and Dye based Inks. Dye based inks are much cheaper than the pigmented ones and are much brighter in color. But they fade out much before than the pigmented dyes. In some printers there are options to change the dyes, while in some they are not compatible with other inks. So check before buying, whether your printing machine supports all types of inks or not.

Last of all, the size of the paper also matters. Depending on the model of your business, you may need an A4 or A3 size printed image. But sometimes you may also need to print a billboard which will be displayed on an exterior wall. So size of the paper is an important factor while choosing one.

These are some of the aspects you should look for while buying a printer for your office. Now it’s up to you, if you want a new or an old one to run your designs.

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