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5 New Technologies That Will Greatly Improve Internet Speeds

Written by Dixie Somers

Internet speed is fast becoming one of the most important home and business infrastructure needs. Gone are the days when even 10 Mbps internet was fast enough for your needs. 10 Mbps seems positively slow these days. 100 Mbps is now considered a fast speed but in a few years, you’ll probably think that’s slow. Thankfully there are great new technologies that will improve your internet speeds when working with companies like TruVista.

Wireless Internet

Verizon has recently announced that they will be offering wireless broadband service in several cities. They’ll be deploying new 5G towers and utilizing receivers installed in the windows of homes. They’ll be to skip the need to lay last mile wire to homes and businesses. When it becomes available in your town then you’ll be able to get faster internet since it’s already shown speeds of 4 Gbps and looks to eventually be able to provide 20 Gbps speeds. Look for this service in select cities by the end of 2018.

Fiber Internet

While fiber internet has been available in many different cities for several years now, new technologies are utilizing fiber in different ways to increase the speed that internet users can get from it. While 100 Mbps fiber internet is becoming more commonplace, even 1 Gbps internet is now not that uncommon. Do you remember when the internet companies started talking about the availability of 1 Gbps and you thought it was so fast?

10 Gbps is now the fastest internet available for home users in the United States and it’s the newest technologies in fiber optic receivers that is making that possible. With further advancements, 10 Gbps could quickly become the new standard in fiber optic speed. Talk with your internet company and see if you can upgrade already.

Satellite Internet

Satellite internet had so much promise the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Satellites were launched and offered the chance for consumers and businesses to have fast internet. Unfortunately, the speeds and availability just weren’t available and prices were out of reach for many potential customers. If you priced satellite internet 10 years ago, then you know the score.

Things are finally changing. Viasat, one of the largest satellite internet companies, is finally launching satellites that can provide large amounts of bandwidth economically. You can finally get a decent plan at a competitive price in some regions of the US and over the next few years, this coverage should extend nationwide. If you are out of a traditional market area for fiber or cable internet, check with Viasat or other satellite internet companies and see if they can give you the fast internet you need.

Fixed Wireless Internet

If you have been following fixed wireless internet, then you probably have known that it was thought of as a panacea for wiring the world for the internet. It has found some use, but speeds have suffered. Yes, Verizon’s push for 5G internet will be a form of fixed wireless, there are are other advances in fixed wireless internet that promise to speed up your internet access. Wireless internet speeds continue to increase and the prices for wireless bandwidth is coming down. Think about how fast your mobile phone is and just how much you pay for data now. You probably have already gotten an unlimited plan and don’t even think about the data speeds because it’s that fast. The price reduction and speed increases will continue their trend.

11ax Wifi

Do you remember the speed gains offered by 802.11ac when it was first released? It felt like your wifi was finally turbocharged. 802.11ax is the newest standard being finalized and will offer wifi speeds at more than 10 Gbps. While 802.11ac finally took advantage of gigabit speeds available on internet connections, it can’t take advantage of the newest networks coming online. Instead of letting it stay a bottleneck, you can soon buy an 802.11ax router and take advantage of extremely fast wifi speeds. It’s the perfect addition to a connected home.

With the right kind of technologies, you can get the internet speed you need for your home and business needs. You can finally stream when you want and what you want. One of these great internet technologies will soon become your newest best friend.

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