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Tech Education: 3 Things Your It Guy Wishes You Knew

Written by Albert Headley

The world wide web changed many aspects of society and the economy. One thing that changed was the importance of the IT industry. This industry has become a big part of today’s world that it is impossible to escape. Still, there are a few things IT specialists want people to know, and the following are just three examples.


There are probably many things that IT specialists want people to know about them and their profession. For one, most specialists will say they are not magicians. This is a common sentiment because people tend to treat IT specialists like they know everything. Keep in mind that issues with software or technology can be quite complex.

No IT guy or girl knows everything there is to know but rather has the skills to connect the dots to get to the root of a problem using research or education from places like CCSD. IT specialists would like everyone to know this so they do not expect them to answer every question.

Understanding how involved this job is can make people a little more patient. This is important because IT guys or girls take some time to find a solution to a problem. People may suspect the specialist of wrongdoing, but that is a mistake. It specialists enroll in specialized colleges because they love what they do and want to help, so appreciate this love by being understanding.

Keep It Professional

Many IT specialists have to deal with people who want them to work on personal projects. There are a number of times when it is okay to ask an IT specialists to work on personal projects, but this should only happen if the IT specialist has a side business offering this service.

You should not ask an IT specialist to work on personal projects when he or she has been hired by your company because that is not his or her job. Their job is to work on the company’s property, not yours.

It is unprofessional to offer your IT guy or girl a little cash or some kind of special treatment to work for you. These type of actions make things uncomfortable for you and the IT specialist. There is no need to put yourself in this position, so it is better to let your IT specialists do his or her job, and that is it.

Tedious but Necessary Questions

Many people get frustrated with IT specialists, and this happens for the wrong reasons. A person might get frustrated because the IT guy or girl is asking questions that do not seem relevant. These questions are usually asked because the IT specialist has to go through every possibility in order to find the problem.

You may think that your IT guy or girl is repeating the same questions, but just try to be as patient as possible. For example, telling your IT guy that your computer screen is flashing is not enough information to find a solution. Your technician is likely going to ask if the screen is flashing blue or gray.

Keep in Mind That This Is Just One Question You Could Be Asked Your Specialist

Will ask many questions to uncover what the problem is. Troubleshooting is not something that is done within a couple of minutes, so do not make the mistake of thinking your technician is taking his or her time on purpose.

Hopefully, some of this information helps strengthen the relationship between IT technicians and those he or she works with. The workplace is usually a better place to work when everyone is on the same page.

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