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Written by Albert Headley

Dell Support Center software is provided to all the PC and laptop owners free of charge. This software boosts of a variety of features to assist the users at every step to ensure that their experience of working on a Dell system can be as smooth as it possibly can be. The Dell Support Center comprises of self-help guiding principles, system information, additional tools and features apart from an array of troubleshooting components. After being connected to the internet, this software also looks out for updates particularly related to your system. In addition to this, the software also consists of software updates as well as updated hardware drivers. By following the tidbits mentioned in the software, you can be quite assured of keeping at bay the chances of requiring a computer repair.

Installing the Software

In a bid to install the Dell Support Center software, you need to go to its software page and download the correct edition of the program. After the download process of the executable file is complete, follow the mentioned installation steps with the help of the setup wizard. Agree to the License Agreement and select the features that you want to follow. Then select the Next option to complete the processing and finish the setup.

Dell PC Checkup

The Dell PC checkup is basically a troubleshooting feature that is capable of scanning and testing the hardware as well as carrying out PC repair processes to resolve any system issue. To enable this feature, select the Self Help option and then click on the Automated Scan option which would own the Dell PC checkup feature. In order to launch this feature with default options, click on Run Default Scan. Then you need to select the Run Custom Scan option to modify your computer’s checkup.

Dell Assistance

With your Dell laptop or PC, you hardly need to worry about getting technical support in case if you face any kind of difficulty while handling the system. All you need to do is select the Assistance from Dell option followed by clicking on the Dell Connect option. Then, you need to carefully follow the given instructions to get remote tech support from any expert Dell agent. The authorized technician will then connect to your machine through the internet to address the issue. However, in order to avail these features, your Dell PC or laptop should be within the period of warranty while a high-speed internet connection is also essential.

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