Tips to Troubleshoot You Network Printer Issues

Written by Albert Headley

Network printers have turned into a necessity in most of the offices as they make the process of printing important documents much easier. Apart from providing the added benefits of lowering the costs as well as imparting higher flexibility to the companies, network printers are also able to print a lot faster than the smaller desktop models. In addition to this, with a single network printer, employees do not need to have an individual device, which not only saves money but also reduces the cost of maintenance. However, the entire work can come to a standstill if the printer faces any kind of glitch. With a better understanding of the printer setup, you can easily resolve the issue without much difficulty.

Check whether the work station is working properly

First of all, you need to check whether the issue lies with your network printer or your work station. To check your printer problems, you need to transmit a print job to your network printer from a different work station. In case if the printer is able to function without any problem then it can be concluded that your printer is functioning properly and it is the work station that is facing some kind of a glitch.

Print configuration page

To do this, you need to refer to the user’s manual that came with your network printer as the process of printing the configuration page differs for different network printers. If you are using a menu-driven printer edition then you need to click on ‘Information’ menu and then opt for ‘Print Configuration Page’ from the given options.

Evaluate the configuration page

The configuration page needs to be reviewed for finding the networking section. Your network printer needs to have a confirmed IP address which is a series of four numbers which are separated by a period. However, if you do not find an IP address or if it shows disconnected, it can de deduced that the network card or the cable is experiencing some kind of issue.

Re-seat the network cable

Often, the network cable connections can become loose, thus interfering with the network communication. To resolve the issue, you need to detach and reset the network cable which connects to the printer. At the same time, remove and reattach the part of the cable that runs into the wall jack. If the printer still fails to operate, then change the cable with a new one. However, before replacing the cable you can seek the help of online technical support to be sure about how to do it.

Change the network card

Even after following the steps, if the network printer does not operate then you might have to replace the network card of the printer. To do this, first you need to detach the network card very carefully and then replace it with a new one. You can also get in touch with remote tech support services to follow the steps under expert advice.

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