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Written by Albert Headley

Technology has come a long way over the past years. Nowadays we can’t think our life without internet, Facebook or smartphones. Virtual world has become an integral part of our life. Here in this section I am going to tell you about 10 upcoming gadgets or technologies which will modify the technology world.

Project Fiona

Project Fiona is the ultimate tablet for game lovers. The features of this tablet which makes it hardcore for gaming are its Intel Core i7 CPU, magnetometer, accelometer, 3 axis gyro and a multi touch UI.

Firefox OS

Mozilla has developed an OS which is very easy to use and is open to the entire user. Firefox OS has been built on software layers of Gonk, Gaia and Gecko with HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. Users can customize the OS according to their needs. Now it’s available for android users only.


Parallela is a supercomputer with a power saving mode to complete the entire complex program without any hurdle. It has real time object tracking, speech recognition, and holographic heads up display.

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is a 3D headset which will bring the virtual world into a real one. The price of this headset is just $300.

Form 1

3D printing is the newest technology which is trending in this market. Form 1 is a 3D Printer which can produce any product with your own imagination. It comes at a price of $2799.

Eye Tribe

Eye tracking is one of the most important feature in the technology world. Eye Tribe has been successful in creating a mind-blowing technology which will allow you to play your favorite games like fruit ninja and flight simulator with just a small movement of your eye.

Google Glass

Through Google glass you can view your social feeds, texts and navigate through GPS at the same time. Currently it comes at a very high price of $1500 but various companies are working on it to develop a much cheaper version.

Smart Things

Through smart things you can connect everything together in your smart phone, whether it’s digital or not. You can easily detect who has been into your house, turn on or off the lights, close or open your doors and windows or detect smoke all through smart things. It comes with a price tag of $500.

Leap Motion

You might have used multi touch desktop, which can be a bit tiring after sometime use. But Leap motion enables the user to go through a webpage, sign documents, play music or game with just finger and hand movements. Its price is only $70. It’s really important for those who love gaming.

Driver-less Car

Google has recently introduce a driver-less car which runs on Artificial Intelligence through video input from the cameras present inside the car, a sensor on top and some radars fitted in different positions.

So these are some of the most popular utility wise gadgets and technologies which will help us to make our life easier and better.

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