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How to Get Ready For the SAP Certification Test

Written by Albert Headley

Are you taking preparations for the SAP certification test? Do you don’t have any tutor to guide you properly? Then you have come to the right page where we will help you to find an apt way for your SAP exam planning.

Don’t Get High Expectations

Always be reasonable about the marks that you will get in your test. Always calculate the correct amount of questions answered right after the exam. This will help you to evaluate how your examination has gone.

The exam will be held in a third party test center where there will be other students also. May be they are taking SAP tests or different tests like Microsoft. Before entering the hall, all your personal belongings will be taken except for the pen, pencil, sharpener, erasers and your admit card. Throughout your assessment, you will be monitored minutely.

Prepare Yourself Well

Don’t waste your money by buying model question papers from different websites. Study the whole syllabus thoroughly and prepare your own questions and answers. Try to solve the questions within the time allocated for the exam.

Check Carefully

Read the questions properly. Some of them may have multiple checkboxes. This means that may be more than one option might be correct. But if you have radio buttons, then only one answer will be correct. So, keep all these in mind before answering your sheet.

Correct Information

You will get all the correct information from the official website of SAP. Also the website may provide you with previous sample papers and the total time given. In this way, it will be easier for you to breakdown the time allocation and importance of each question.

Study Everyday

For the SAP, you have to study everyday at least for 2 hours. Carefully study all the notes and books and underline the important points while reading.

Scrutiny the Questions Accurately

Always read the question twice before answering it. Sometimes the question demands something, and you answer something else in a hurry. So take your time and scrutiny the paper accurately.

Allocated Time

In SAP test you have to answer 80 questions in 3 hours. Whenever you will start answering your questions, the clock will have opposite countdown starting from 180 minutes to 0 minutes. If you have already finished giving all the replies, then double check them again.

If you follow all the above steps in your preparation, then I am sure you will be in a much better position in your ranking of your SAP test.

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