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5 Intriguing Security Technologies to Look Forward To

Written by Dixie Somers

Protecting your home or business against intruders is a growing priority. Thieves and other criminals seem to be getting increasingly bold and resourceful. Fortunately, security technology is also advancing steadily. Here are just a few of the intriguing new ideas helping to keep you safe.

Mobile Apps

Security systems, like everything else in household technology, are trending to smartphones and Wi-Fi devices. You can monitor your home from the office and even interact with visitors to the front door when you’re on the other side of town. More IT developers are creating platforms that integrate quickly and easily with a wider range of home devices. In the near future, you’ll be able to monitor and customize all of your security measures instantly over the cloud.

Key Card Access

Key card locks can be fairly sophisticated in the different levels of access that key cards allow. A new card with an original code can be created for anyone you wish to grant access to and added to the system. One benefit is that if a card is lost or stolen, there are no worries about changing locks. The code that goes with the key card is simply deleted so that it no longer works and a new card is issued.


Keys can be copied and pin-and-tumbler locks picked, but biometric locks from a company like Arapahoe County Security Center Inc are difficult to bypass. These operate by recognizing physical properties like facial features or fingerprints from an optical scanner. Users can be added to or removed from the system. More biometric locks are being used on interior as well as exterior access. By programming locks to your fingerprints, you may never need to worry about misplacing your keys again.

Artificial Intelligence

Tech companies are looking to use advanced software that enables every camera and alarm in your home or business to coordinate with a central computer system. Motion detectors and sensors can track individual movements throughout the premises, even where there is no video. The AI software can make recommendations for locating devices, adjusting camera angles, and even make judgement calls on when to issue alerts to yourself or authorities.

Robotic Drones

Electronics manufacturers are at work perfecting drones that integrate with your surveillance system. When an alarm is triggered, drones only inches in diameter can be activated to take to the air and start streaming footage of your home’s exterior to your smartphone and to police. These way first responders will know exactly what’s happening before they reach the scene. Meanwhile, the faces, vehicles, and actions of the burglars are being recorded by whisper-quiet drones they may never notice.

Modern security systems take advantage of wireless networks to keep you informed and connect with law enforcement. But the first line of defense is making sure that intruders don’t have access in the first place.

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