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Tips to Repair a Crushed Computer at Home

Written by Albert Headley

With our mounting dependency on computers, if all of a sudden the computer crashes, it can surely turn out to be a nightmarish experience for the users. You can make a last ditch attempt to save some of the files when you see the machine freezing, which hints that the computer can give up any time. However, once the machine starts freezing, many a times it is not possible to save all the important documents. With an improved understanding of computers, you can try to fix the crashed machine all by yourself if there isn’t any major issue. You can also seek assistance from online technical support team to help you understand the ways to repair a crashed computer.

Find the cause of crash

Before you actually attempt to fix computer, it is important to understand what lead to the crash. To do this, you have to first reboot the computer and look for the particular application or file that was being used just prior to the crash. Select the Start menu then click on Control Panel followed by selecting the Administrative Tools and check the options to find Event Viewer. Double-click on it then select Windows Logs before opting for System tab. Watch-out for red exclamation marks which are the error symbols as they can point out the files that might have triggered the crash.

Ensure proper power supply

Lack of adequate power can spark a number of issues in your computer. Overusing of computer can lead to a dearth of power supply and the hard drive can get negatively affected by it. If you are not sure about handling your crashed computer then opt for remote computer services to help you out with it.

Check the drivers

In order to locate the cause of the computer crash, go through the drivers to find any errors. First select the Start menu then click on Control Panel before choosing System followed by the Hardware tab. Select the Device Manager to get the complete list of the drivers and then right-click and select Properties to address the issues in the drivers. The errors can be detected by an exclamation point or ‘X’ in yellow and can be used to figure out the cause of the crash.

Seek expert advice

Even after repeated attempts if you cannot ascertain the cause of the crash and the machine is otherwise running fine then it might have happened just once so you don’t need to worry about it much. Make sure you take up a back up of all your important files just in case if it happens again. However, if your computer crashes again, it will be a better idea to seek guidance from computer repair services to resolve the problem.

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