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Time for Show: 5 Must-Have Android and iPhone Apps for Movie Lovers

Written by Albert Headley

Technology is making most things possible to do with the use of smartphones. From communicating to paying bills, it’s also possible now to watch your favorite movies on your small screen. According to a study, 79% of all frequent moviegoers have at least four different types of essential technology products, including a smartphone.

While nothing can beat the experience of watching film from the big screen or at your home theater, it is indeed convenient to watch movies on your mobile. Read on below to discover the top apps that can help you enjoy your movies at your fingertips.

Movies by Flixster

Offering a bit of everything, Movies by Flixster got you covered. You can quickly browse the best films currently in cinemas, search for showtimes, read movie reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, as well as watch trailers for upcoming movies.

The app extends further by letting you buy tickets from the participating cinemas and manages your Netflix queue and UltraViolet collection through the interface.


Here is your ticket to stream quality TV shows and movies instantly on your mobile devices without the hassle of a movie rental.

Search the name of your desired movie or series and sort them according to genre on the Netflix website then you can watch content and videos from the queue on your phone. If you’re using an Android device, make sure to check if the app is compatible with your device and supports your version of operating system.


Most of the best content online are available on our smartphones. With Flipps, you can watch your favorite music videos, movies, and news on your local TV using your mobile phone. You don’t have to connect any media boxes, dongles, or cables, Flipps will do it all for you.

Flipps can directly connect your phone or tablet to your television so you can enjoy the film on the big screen. You only have to make sure that your TV and mobile device are both connected to your Wi-Fi network. With this application, you can also use your mobile phone as a remote to playback and adjust the volume.


The IMDB helps guide the user to search for showtimes and movies near their surrounding area. It can also assist in reviewing critics and provides the user-based recommendations.

While the primary category of this app is entertainment, a significant feature of the IMDB is that it enables the surfing of photo galleries and offers entertainment-related quotes and news. More so, it gives the user with the summary data of the box office, and it can serve the ease of entertainment in various languages.


If you’re tired of paying subscriptions to access your favorite TV shows and movies, Showbox will let you surf and download videos and movies from their collection free of charge. Moreover, it allows the user connect to the server to secure the files downloaded and to make sure that it’s virus-free.

While like some mobile apps, Showbox will require some content permissions access on your mobile. It will help the app identify if your phone is compatible to use the app and recommends the top shows and movies according to what’s hot in your location.


It’s apparent that going to the theaters is always a fun experience, but these excellent movie apps can make it even better. With the help of your Android, iPhone or any other mobile device from Deal Wiki, you can enjoy your favorite shows and videos anywhere you may want.

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